Limón (Lime) Mexican Soda Non-Stim Pre-Workout

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This carefully dosed and tested formula consists of 250mg of caffeine supported by Alpha GPC to lock in your focus. Beta Alanine, Taurine, Creatine HCL, and Betaine Anhydrous to buffer lactic acid, increase muscular endurance, mitigate muscle damage, and aid in muscle synthesis and repair. Citrulline malate and Niacin to significantly enhance blood flow, delivering a massive pump and increased athletic performance. BCAAs added for energy and blunting fatigue. Ashwagandha extract was added for mental health purposes as it aids in the reduction of stress & anxiety but upon further research it was found that it can also promote a reduction in body fat, increase muscle mass and improve strength levels. 

Enjoy a slight fizz with this formulation to give it a true Mexican soda experience.

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