Our Story

Body Art was founded by Tommy Inkrott, current Strength & Conditioning coach at Minnesota State University - Mankato. In 2015, Tommy decided that he was tired of seeing his student-athletes taking low-quality and/or over-priced protein powder. He dove into research in hopes to find a "go-to" product that he could recommend for his athletes. During his research it found the overwhelming benefits of adding Leucine to a protein supplement. He decided to start a line of protein that he and his athletes could trust, promote real results and taste GREAT!

The local product grew extremely popular not only amongst the MSU Athletic Department but all throughout city. Mankato quickly adopted this product in a few local stores/gyms. The community and network built around this local brand is so truly amazing. 

After about 4 years of business, Tommy decided it was time to stop production. Between being a full-time strength coach with an extensive travel schedule & having a family at home; he decided he unfortunately did have the time & energy to continue growing with Body Art at the pace that it was growing. 

In the summer of 2021; Tommy received a phone call from his former MSU student-athlete, Isaiah Pitchford. Tommy coached Isaiah from while he was competing in Football & Track. During Isaiah's last 2 years of college he took Body Art consistently and fell in love with the product. As time went by, he became more and more infatuated with the brand as a whole and was devastated when Body Art was discontinued. Every few months or so, Isaiah would have thoughts and ideas about Body Art and wishful thinking about a potential comeback which eventually led to the previously stated phone call. Isaiah finally gained the confidence & experience to believe that he could be the one to bring back Body Art. He gave Tommy a call and asked what he thought... Tommy was ecstatic. 

The history of Body Art is what makes this brand so unique. Not only is it a local business; but the fact that it was founded by a collegiate strength coach & then passed on to a former athlete, makes the brand that much more special. We hope that we can continue to bring you all amazing & high quality products for years to come. Stick around & join us on this amazing journey!